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Ayres Sensory Integration® intervention is designed to improve sensory perceptual abilities, self-regulation, motor skills, and praxis.  In doing so, it supports the client’s ability to show improved behaviour, learning, and social participation.


Classic intervention is provided in a specialised therapy room with sensory equipment that provides tactile, visual, proprioceptive and vestibular opportunities in a structured manner in collaboration with the primary caregivers.


When the occupational therapist is using ASI® intervention techniques, several core elements will be evident. Some of these core elements include:


  • The ASI® intervention occurs within an environment that is rich in tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular opportunities and that creates both physical and emotional safety for the child;


  • adaptive responses by the child to the environmental context, activity challenge, and unique sensory experiences are evident;


  • All therapeutic activities are child directed and therapist facilitated. Lots of choice is given to the child to promote progression without the child feeling pushed or pressured. The therapist will adapt the program to ensure  the right level of therapy is maintained while keeping it fun for the child;


  • Therapeutic activities will challenge the child to develop new ideas in finding and planning new ways to move, co-ordinating both sides of the body, and having co-ordinated eye movement, to promote a more organised response to sensory input, and will be given the opportunity to successfully carry out the plans; 


  • Therapeutic activities will promote postural control and balance, which may include the use of specialised equipment such as suspended apparatus, scooters, and balls and many other carefully selected items;


  • The therapist will ensure the therapy is safe, helps the child stay at the right level of alertness and challenges the sensory system;


  • It aims to encourage your child’s inner drive to be curious and have fun and is built on trust with your therapist.

What is Ayres Sensory Integration  

Therapy® (ASI)?

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