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Occupational Therapist work out a treatment program based on a comprehensive assessment of your child's sensory processing skills. We build a program based on the findings to help implement these strategies with you through individualized, focused therapy sessions, incorporating a continued home based program to give your child the necessary skills to successfully achieve the demands placed on them. This enables them to be confident, happy participants at home and at school, through having these age appropriate functional skills.

The goals and priorities set in the therapy plan are based on the assessment and current therapy sessions. Weekly individualized occupational therapy sessions are designed to help the participant achieve optimum functional independence.


The duration may be 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the feasibility of the parents and the participant. The therapy sessions adhere to the evidence based Occupational Therapy practices, Sensory integration and Neurodevelopmental approaches.


The therapy sessions provide the "just right" challenge for the participant, structured to enhance the under developed skills of the participant. The therapeutic sessions are scientifically designed to achieve the set goals through play. The therapy is participant-oriented and provides opportunity for continuous development of skills, self regulation and confidence.

OT and child in rainbow lycra swing.

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