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What is Occupationl Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Our Peadiatric Occupational Therapist’s at In Sync Kids OT passion is to ensure that every child has confidence and appropriate developmental skills so that they can confidently learn and engage in all environments.

An OT (Occupational Therapist) looks at ‘occupation’ as the roles, routines and daily activities that an individual would participate in. For children, this would commonly include sleep, eating, coping and adapting with all environments, emotional regulation, self-care activities, school and hobbies/sports. When a child is having trouble engaging in daily activities,

it is our role to determine what factors are impacting their participation.

At In Sync Kids OT, we have adopted a Neurodevelopmental approach, working from the bottom up, based on movement activities to build core foundational skills. For children, many developmental milestones happen during a specific phase of developmental or age band, if these skills are not fully or sufficiently developed during this time, sensory integration difficulties creep in.


Occupational Therapy treatment at In Sync Kids OT encompasses Ayres Sensory Integration® Intervention to support the development of the sensory systems and postural control. This facilitates the ability to modulate sensory information and to enable appropriate behaviour/emotional response. 


We can help your child through well disguised play activities all designed to target your particular areas of concern, helping your child develop their daily life skills. In the initial assessment and parent consultation, the areas of your child's development that requires assistance will  be identified.


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