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Rebates & Funding

There is a range of funding options to assist with your child's access to OT sessions.

Please contact your GP to see if you qualify for any  Medicare rebates or your Private Healthcare Provider

to see if Occupational Therapy is covered in your plan.

Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) - formally EPC

Discuss with your GP to see if your child is eligible for this plan. Medicare CDM rebate for a maximum of five allied-health services per patient each calendar year from eligible providers.

Better Access to Mental Health

This plan is available for children with related mental health conditions such as Anxiety, Attention or Behaviour Difficulties . Discuss with your GP to see if your child is eligible. Medicare rebates are available for up to ten individual  allied mental health services per calender year. 

Helping Children With Autism Plan

To access this plan your child must have a diagnosis of Autism. Under the Helping Children with Autism program, a child can be referred by a consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist for the following allied health services:


Up to twenty treatment services from psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, audiologists, optometrists, orthoptists or physiotherapists (for a child under 15 years of age, providing a treatment and management plan is in place before their 13th birthday)


There are a few aspects to be considered to access this plan. Contact your nearest Centrelink centre, and speak with one of the consultants

to see if you qualify.


You can also look on the website by clicking on the link above to see if you fit the criteria.



In Sync Kids OT is a recognised Occupational Therapy provider with most Private Health Schemes. Parents may reclaim the fees for their sessions in accordance with the guidelines stated by their private health insurance providers.​


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