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Our Services

At In Sync Kids OT, we offer therapy and assessments for children who may struggle with academic tasks, learning new skills, organization, and appropriate emotional and behavioural responses.

Depending on your child's needs, we can provide assistance in the following areas:

- Fine motor skills/Handwriting

- Self-care/independence (Toileting, sleep, and grooming)

- Gross motor skills (sports,  coordination and confidence)

- Visual perceptual skills

- Sensory integration/processing (withdrawn, "on the go", overreacts, or easily distracted)

- Cognitive skills (attention, focus, memory, and problem-solving)

- Social/emotional (anxiety, apprehension to try anything new or novel, overly cautious

Our services are designed to help with various difficulties and associated disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay, Learning difficulties, and Premature Birth.

Child and OT

1-1.5hr session

In this initial assessment session we will discuss your concerns and how occupational therapy will benefit your child.  The OT assessment includes a 1 -1.5 hour long, one on one session where clinical observations and standardised tests are conducted. These observations and the completed parent questionnaire will help us determine your child's strengths and weaknesses and areas of concern. One of our Senior Occupational Therapists will perform all of the Assessments at In Sync Kids OT. We have a team of exceptionally qualified and talented Occupational Therapist’s who treat children from Monday to Saturday. We will allocate the child to the most appropriate therapist in order to maximise therapist/child relationship and optimise treatment outcomes.  Please see the OUR TEAM page on our website for each therapist’s profile. We require the filled out assessment parent questionnaire to be returned to us prior to your initial assessment appointment. Please email your completed questionnaire to as soon as possible.

parent consultation

45min consultation

The parent consultation is an hour long session, where the assessing therapist will go through in extensive details the findings from the initial assessment completed with your child. Together, we look at both the assessment and the completed parent questionnaire.  This consultation provides the opportunity for the family and therapist to discuss and set out OT goals to best help your child cope with the daily demand placed on them at day care, Kindy, school and at home.  We will do our best to set your mind at ease, and answer any questions that you may have about your child’s occupational therapy needs.

Child and OT

45-50min session

One of our senior Occupational Therapists will perform all of the Assessments at In Sync Kids OT. We have a team of exceptionally qualified and talented Occupational Therapist’s who treat children from Monday to Saturday. We will then allocate the child to the most appropriate therapist in order to maximise therapist/child relationship and optimise treatment outcomes.  Please see the OUR TEAM page on our website for each therapist’s profile. Each OT session lasts approximately 45-50 minutes comprising of 1:1 time with your child and giving feedback to family. This does not take into consideration the time it takes for the OT to plan for the session and write notes following the session, administration time to comply with legislation for those accessing Government Funds as well as any other correspondence to other health professionals or teachers. On average we recommend an average of 12-18 treatment sessions combined with regular home program activities. Generally, therapy can run from 3-6 months and sometimes up to a year. Occupational Therapy is a fluid process, and at In Sync Kids OT we constantly re-asses your child’s progress and may change our approach along the journey to help your child reach their full potential. You are encouraged to attend therapy sessions  with your child, in doing so, you gain a ‘hands-on’ learning experience and the opportunity to gather valuable information about how to continue with strategies at home, however, depending on each unique circumstance there may be times where the treating therapist requests that you remain in the waiting room.  If your child’s therapist believes correspondence is required with your child school teacher, or a school visit would be of benefit, this can be organised. Depending on what is required, there may be additional cost associated with this (please ensure to discuss with your child’s OT).

Kids in classroom

1hr consultation

At the request of parents or involved services, we are able to arrange a nursery/school consultation. This consultation will aim to provide those working with your child more information on how to optimise their development and capacities within these environments and promote a collaborative approach across environments. These consultations can also be used to attend termly reviews, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and planning meetings to provide further support and collaboration for everyone working with your child.

Floor time

1hr session

To qualify for these sessions you need to:

  • Be an Existing In Sync Kids client

  • Book a minimum of 4 sessions

  • Prepayment is required

  • Age 4-7 years old

  • Sensory/motor delay

  • Parent attendance during session is not required.


1hr consultation

In Sync Kids Occupational Therapists work closely with Learn and Grow Speech Pathologists to provide collaborative care for clients. Joint sessions are a great option for children who have complex development difficulties that impact their ability to communicate and interact with others. Combining Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy goals in the one session supports a child to self-regulate, engage and communicate to the best of their ability. Session are run in the OT sensory gym. In Sync and Learn and Grow operate out of Rosalie Children's Centre and Chermside Development Centre. Your OT will discuss this as an option if they feel it will benefit your childs therapy journey.

Child and OT

1hr consultation

Telehealth is face-to-face occupational  therapy that’s done online over video conferencing. All you need is an internet connection, computer, laptop or iPad and a ‘Zoom’ account (sign up is free!) In Sync Kids have invested in specialised audio/video conferencing equipment and many online programs that are specifically developed to target OT goals online.  During all Telehealth appointments, our therapists work closely with parents to provide clear ideas and strategies for everyday use in the home environment. Research shows that parent focused intervention achieves the best results. Telehealth has also been evidenced to deliver the same outcomes and progress as face to face therapies. Call now to discuss how Telehealth can help your child.

Child and OT

1hr consultation

The intensives programme is 11 sessions over a 2 week period. Our team of therapist will create an individualised, playful and fun environment to maintain engagement and match the goals of each child. This is an alternative to completing your 12-sessions therapy block over 12 weeks. The intensity and repetitions of goal specific activities provided in the School Holidays Intensives Therapy Program results in functional gain and retention of new skills during a shorter time period. The program actively supports motor learning and neural plasticity in infants, children and adolescents with sensory processing difficulties and/or neurological disorders

Vision Therapy

1hr consultation

Undetected by typical vision screenings, many educators and doctors are unaware Functional Vision problems even exist. Vision & Sensory Integration can help correct Functional Vision Problems by retraining you or every member of your family’s visual system to work properly. Our Vision & Sensory Integration mission is to preserve, restore and enhance the vision of every member of your family. We are committed to giving you the most thorough eye care and personal attention using the most modern technology. We provide optometric vision therapy to correct functional vision problems in children and adults. Optometric vision therapy is the use of lenses, prisms and eye exercises and activities prescribed by a developmental optometrist. The goal is to develop the visual skills so the visual system is working easily and efficiently.


1hr consultation

In Sync Kids OT is able to offer a wide range of in-services and training seminars to parents, interests groups, professionals and organizations, which are tailored to the learning needs of your group. With each training session we are able to offer professional handouts with interactive and practical learning opportunities. Participants are encouraged to try out activities and equipment which we find further aids their understanding and grasp of theoretical concepts. The professional development training will cover topics such as: ● Increase the understanding of sensory integration and how it impacts engagement in the home and school ● Classroom strategies to enable successful engagement, attention, and be confident within the school environment. ● Understand the role of the Occupational Therapist ● How to Manage challenging behaviours? ● Developmental areas that can impact school readiness?​

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