Meet Our Team

 Our therapists work as a team, constantly consulting with each other so our patients receive the best possible program developed just for them. Our clients are assessed by one of our Senior Occupational Therapists, who will then advice on the best member of our staff complement to carry out the OT Program with you.


In Sync Kids OT maintains Sensory Integration (Ayres Sensory Integration®) as the core treatment modality.


All therapists at In Sync Kids OT are provided with opportunities to further their knowledge and skills in this approach. All staff at In Sync Kids OT have or are completing The Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration (CASI), offered through  the Collaborative for Leadership in ASI (CLASI), is an advanced training program or the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) certification course. These education programmes are  produced according to the guidelines of the International Coalition of Education in Ayres Sensory Integration®, promoting excellence in scholarship, assessment, and education in ASI. 


We have embraced evidence-based research and Ayres’ SI to ensure that our services meet the needs of our clients. We have used the ‘Fidelity Measures in SI’ to guide the training of staff at In Sync Kids OT and as such planned and invested in our clinic equipment to meet these requirements.

Director BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Carlyn Cooper

Carlyn Cooper

Carlyn Cooper has extensive experience working in the UK and Brisbane as a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist. She has consulted in a range of settings including state, private and special needs schools and has found that treatment in collaboration with teachers, parents and the learning support team, is more successful. Her experience has ranged from severe disabilities such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder to specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Additionally she is passionate about educating teachers, parents and educators and has completed many workshops in Europe, UK and Brisbane to provide a better understanding of the impact of Sensory Processing in the classroom and at home. 


Carlyn also continues to advocate the need for providing services to children, in mainstream schools, with attention and mild learning difficulties and

for the early intervention for children who were born prematurely. Her specialism

is treatment of Sensory Processing through Sensory Integration treatment and Neurodevelopmental Disorders which can have a significant impact on a child's ability to successfully function at home and at school.   

Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Marilyn Tran

Marilyn Tran website.jpg

Marilyn has experience working as an Occupational Therapist in various fields, from having worked with adults, geriatrics and paediatrics. Marilyn has always had an interest in paediatrics since working in childcare and paediatric educational services while completing her degree at the University of Queensland. Marilyn has worked with children of all ages with sensory processing challenges, developmental delays, learning difficulties and children with autism spectrum disorder. Marilyn is a warm and passionate therapist who aims to work collaboratively with the child, family, teachers and support network to reach the child’s full potential.

Marilyn specialises in Sensory Integration intervention and Neuro-developmental treatment approach while also having experience with school-based intervention approaches including working on fine motor and gross motor skills. Her post-graduate training includes the Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) Modules. Marilyn is family-centred and therapy is always individually tailored for the child and family to maximise the child’s potential at home and at school.

Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Angie Castillo

Angie OT_MAT LEAVE.jpg

Angie has experience working as an OT with children in country South Australia and Adelaide. She has worked with children and teenagers of all ages with developmental delays, Autism and a variety of intellectual and physical disabilities. She has recently relocated to Brisbane and is excited to further her skills and provide a much needed service to the community. 


Angie also is a qualified dance instructor and has had many years experience teaching a variety of dance styles to children and adults both in mainstream and disability settings.  Her passion in dance has fuelled her interest in working with children and using movement to support development. 


Angie has a background in Neuro-developmental treatment approach and specialises in Sensory Integration and Primitive Reflex Integration.  Her post-graduate training includes the Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) Modules. She also has experience working across both school and clinic based settings. Angie is passionate about providing a holistic approach to therapy and working with the foundations of learning and development to enable ongoing success throughout life.

 BSC Occupational Therapy (Hons)

Lauren Cross


Lauren  has extensive experience working in the the United Arab Emirates and the Gold Coast as a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist. She has a passion for early intervention with younger yearsw from a neurodevelopmental and Sensory integration approach.


She has gained experience in a variety of setting and multidisciplinary teams, teachers and families providing a holistic approach to meeting milestones. Her experience includes global developmental delays, neurological conditions as well as  Autistic Spectrum Disorder and sensory processing disorders. 


Lauren continues to advocate the need for early intervention and screening in premature babies and babies with a complicated birth history. She is sensory integration certified and uses this approach in combination with Neurodevelopmental  treatment to successfully meet developmental milestones and develop appropriate sensory systems.

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Rachel Price

Rachel Price_edited.jpg

Rachel has been working as an Occupational Therapist across hospital, rehabilitation, community and in-home settings for 8 years. She has experience working with teenagers and adults who have Sensory processing challenges, Autism, ADHD, Cognitive and/or Intellectual disabilities, Anxiety and Depression. After having 3 children of her own, Rachel has joined In Sync Kids OT to follow her passion for early intervention using a sensory integration approach. Rachel’s post graduate training includes the Aryes Sensory Integration (CLASI) Modules.

Rachel is passionate about helping kids reach their potential through early intervention and empowering families through their journey. She has a trauma-informed, family-centred approach to practice and always tailors sessions to meet the child’s and family’s individual needs. 

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours Class I)

Kylie McMahon


Kylie has experience working as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of settings, including the community, hospitals, private practice and schools. Kylie has worked with adults and children of all ages, however joined In Sync Kids to pursue her special interests in paediatric practice, neurodevelopment and sensory integration.

She has worked with children and adults with a range of physical and neurological disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, and Sensory Processing difficulties. Her post graduate training includes Certificates in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) modules.

Kylie enjoys working together with families to support children in reaching their full potential. Using a holistic, family-centred approach, Kylie is a warm and approachable therapist who loves building rapport with children and seeing their confidence grow. She is passionate about enabling children's independence and participation in home, school and play occupations.

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours Class I)

Carolina Acuña


Carolina has been working as an occupational therapist with children since 2014 in
Argentina with children who present with developmental delays, congenital conditions
and disorders, learning difficulties and/or Autism.

Carolina is specialist in Pathophysiology and Therapeutics of childhood. She completed
her post-graduate training in Sensory Integration (University of Southern California) and
is currently completing a Master in Social Science and humanity. She is passionate
about research in sensory integration and early intervention. She has moved to Australia
in 2020 to improve her English skills and to pursue her PhD.

While she trains hard to achieve a high score in an English international exam she is
working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, she enjoys a holistic and child-centred
intervention, supports our team during assessment and intervention process and hosts
complemental sessions focusing on children and family’s needs.

BSc Occupational Therapy

Taryn van der Westhuizen


Taryn has experience working in paediatrics in South Africa and relocated to Brisbane in 2020. She has gained experience in working within sensory integration practices and school-based settings with children with various diagnoses. Her passion within occupational therapy practice is to allow children and families become independent and successful within their daily tasks.


Taryn is sensory integration certified and has completed a number of additional courses allowing her to address the child and family in a holistic manner. These courses include using sound-based therapy such as Therapeutic Listening, the Tomatis Method and Interactive Metronome as a complementary tool. She has recently completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy in Paediatric Perception. Taryn is also trained in the SOS training approach to feeding. 


Taryn is passionate about early intervention and has had experience working with premature infants in the NICU in South Africa. She believes that addressing sensory issues as early as possible will prevent future functional difficulties. 

Occupational Therapy – Honours

Emma Wesche

Emma website photo (1).jpeg

Emma has experience working in paediatrics in private clinics, schools and childcare centres. She has also volunteered with Inclusion Netball, helping children with a range of developmental disabilities engage in sports and social opportunities. Emma discovered early on in her Occupational Therapy degree that she has a love for paediatrics and focused her honours research on creating a protocol for a pilot study at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Paediatric Outpatient Clinic; focusing on the use sensory processing to manage anxiety around medical intervention for paediatric patients.


Emma enjoys using a child lead approach guided by sensory integration practices to support motivation and engagement to help children achieve their goals. Emma takes a collaborative approach, involving the families, other allied health professionals and teachers in the therapy journey. She firmly believes this helps to establish consistency of therapy strategies across all environments for the child which best supports success.

Admin/Occupational Assistant

Clare Djokic


Clare assists the team in delivering a range of treatment sessions, and as a prior Support Worker, continues to expand her knowledge working with children with developmental delays, Autism and a variety of intellectual disabilities. Clare is also studying Occupational Therapy at The University of Queensland, striving to work collaboratively with children and their support circle. Her main aim is to support and empower children and their families with knowledge and realistic strategies to utilise in all areas of their daily life. Currently acquiring her qualifications in Auslan, Clare hopes to bridge the gap between the Deaf community and valuable health services such as occupational therapy. 


As an Occupational Therapy Assistant, Clare hosts group sessions focusing on developing fine motor and gross motor skills, suitable for children of all ages. Since commencing at In Sync Kids OT, Clare has developed knowledge in sensory integration treatment, working with children of all ages who present with developmental delays, congenital conditions and disorders, learning difficulties and/or Autism.

(OT) - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Ingrid Marin


Ingrid has experience working as an Occupational Therapist in Colombia in paediatrics and rehabilitation, and also has experience working as a support worker in Australia. Her experience includes a variety of settings such as state schools, hospital, mobile services and private practices.
She has worked with children with developmental delays, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, sensory processing disorders, and a variety of physical and intellectual disabilities. Her postgraduate training includes Certificates in Ayres Sensory Integration (CLASI) module I.


Ingrid is passionate about helping children achieve their maximum performance and independence in the activities of daily living, by building strong foundations of learning and development.

Occupational Therapist

Claire Portener


Claire joins In Sync with over 12 years of experience in paediatric occupational therapy, working across Queensland and more recently, in the United Kingdom. She has worked in a range of clinical settings including non-government organisations, private practices, public health services and schools. Claire has experience working in multidisciplinary teams with children from birth to 18 years who present with conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, global developmental delays, cerebral palsy, profound and multiple learning needs and Down Syndrome. She has specialist experience working with children with sensory food aversions and has completed further training into therapeutic approaches for managing aversive and oral sensitive feeders.

Claire completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Sensory Processing through the University of Ulster whilst working in the UK. Since completion of the training Claire has utilised a sensory integrative framework in her practice for assessment and management of children with additional sensory needs. In particular, Claire developed an interest in assessment and treatment of dyspraxia and Developmental Coordination Disorder and has worked alongside paediatricians to provide specialist assessments and feedback to assist the diagnostic process. Claire loves to incorporate a family-centered approach in her therapy sessions and values the importance of parent engagement and education to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes for both child and family.