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Specialist Equipment & Facilities

In Sync Kids OT operates from purpose built facilities with multiple Therapy Rooms at the Rosalie Children’s Centre in Paddington, and at the Chermside Development Centre in Chermside.

Each Room is equipped with specialised sensory and therapeutic equipment that makes therapy at In Sync Kids OT fun!

Each Individual Therapy session is unique to the child’s needs and planned by the therapist on a weekly basis.


In Sync Kids OT has invested in a broad range of specialist equipment, all designed to help your child learn to complete daily tasks through play based movement activities. We are constantly up-dating and on the look out for any new and innovative ways to better our service to you, be that with new equipment or methods of therapy.


Therapy rooms are designed to meet the fidelity measure standards for Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy®. Sessions are planned by each treating therapist in collaboration with the assessing therapist and based on the results of the assessment process. The dynamic nature of therapy and the availability of specialised equipment is essential to achieving optimal outcomes in therapy. Parent participation in sessions (as determined by the treating therapist), follow up activities for reinforcement at home and collaboration with educators at childcare, Kindy or school is essential in ensuring change and progress.

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